• Window Caulk
  • Minor Painting
  • Changing Light Bulbs
  • Ceiling Fan Installation
  • Mail Box Installation
  • Minor Drywall Repair
  • Minor Plumbing
  • Deck Repair
  • Fence Repair
  • Siding Repair (Single Story)
  • Trim and Moulding
  • And More
No Roofing
Handyman Services Include:
Rates as follows:
$65.00 per hour - 2 hour minimum

Servicing Northlake, Huntersville, Cornelius, Denver, Mooresville, Davidson, Troutman
All of our products are professionally installed by our skilled craftsmen. Stop by the Gallery today and visualize what we can do for you.
The possibilities are endless...

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405 Oak Street, Mooresville, NC 28115
(704) 660-0368
With your busy schedule, it is probably extremely difficult to keep up on the maintenance of your house.  This is why you should consider hiring
Kennedy Enterprise for handyman services to help you maintain your home.  Here are three good reasons to hire us:

It's Cost-Effective - You may have never considered this, but taking advantage of professional handyman services is actually more cost-effective
than attempting to do the job yourself.  The reason why is because our handymen have experience and training to do these jobs, and they will get it
right the first time.  Oftentimes, when someone attempts a handyman project at home by themselves, they do it wrong and have to spend more
money to repair it or do the job correctly.

 It's Fast & Efficient - The handymen at Kennedy Enterprise can perform the handyman services you request much more quickly than you could
by yourself.  They will not need to read the directions on how to fix something since they already have that knowledge, and they won't have to take a
trip (or two or three) to the hardware store for supplies.  This also makes them more efficient.

Quality - Our handymen will do a quality job on any project you hire us for.  You will not need to worry about spending extra money on
handyman services due to an incorrect installation or repair because they will get the job done right the first time.

The next time you are in need of handyman services, be sure to call us at Kennedy Enterprise in Mooresville, North Carolina.  You will be pleased
with the  low cost of our handyman services and how quickly we will remedy your home maintenance problems.