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Perhaps you have considered organizing your garage so you will have more room to work on a project, or maybe
you are just tired of the clutter. If you need a space to store your Christmas decorations, camping equipment,
crafts, and seasonal toys, but continue to have easy access to them. These are just a few reasons to have a garage
organizer installed to fit your needs.

Have you thought about protecting your second most valuable asset, your vehicle?  By moving your items to an
above ground level storage, will allow you to move your vehicle into the garage home space.

We can design a garage organizer in many styles, designs, and build with affordable products that will solve many
storage needs.

Just give us a call and we can discuss your storage and organizer needs. Let us help with your home solutions.

Save money and time by building your storage unit in your own garage, so you can stop paying monthly rent on a
storage building. All of your storage items will be at your fingertips.

To enhance and organize your garage, cabinets are built to hold items that need to be out of the way but accessible to you and your family. Different
sizes and shapes are available. You may want a cabinet to store shoes, paint, tools, clothes, crafts, office files, or toys.

Work bench cabinets and sink cabinets give you extra space to work on projects.

Cabinets are built from a variety of sturdy and durable materials.

See our page on Garage Organizer Cabinets.

Let us give you an estimate to start organizing your garage. You will be pleased to have more space in your garage than you ever imagined. Call us
today to get this dream into a reality.

Garage lofts can be built in most garages in different areas. Some are built over the garage door, or integrated on any
wall to look like it was built with the house. We also build custom decorative doors out of different materials.

Garage loft organizers will be built to your wall. We also offer an easy latch and locking mechanism. The look is very
neat and clean in appearance. All of your items will be behind closed doors making it a very enhanced look to your

This is an easy way to store items only needed during certain seasons, but easily accessible!

Uniques boxes that can be used in any room or outside on the deck, by the pool, or on the dock. They are termite proof and will not rot. Can be used
as a live well on a boat, cooler for drinks, or child's toy chest.

These boxes are so sturdy you can use them for extra sitting. Cushions may be used also.

Standard Sizes of Storage Boxes

24" X 18" X 18"
36" X 24" X 18"
36" X 18" X 18"

Other sizes and colors are available for special order.