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Whether you're Looking for hardwood, laminate or tile Flooring, stop by Kennedy Enterprise to see our vast
array of flooring options.

There are lots of flooring choices besides carpet.  At Kennedy Enterprise, we would like to help you learn
more about your flooring options, so you can choose the type needed in your home.  Here are three of our

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                                                  Tile Flooring
Tile is a great flooring option, especially for high-traffic areas.  It is very durable and available in many different colors and styles and
there are many options for decorative designs.  Tile flooring increases the value of your home and requires very little maintenance.  
                        Hardwood Flooring
Hardwood is a great flooring option, especially for living areas, dining rooms, and kitchens.  It is also very
durable and gives the room a warm look.  It is easy to maintain, and there are many styles available.  
Hardwood flooring does need to be refinished occasionally, but when taken care of properly, it will last a
long time.
                                           Laminate Flooring
Laminate flooring is a very durable option for flooring.  Laminate withstands not only water stains, but also hard impacts.  There
are many styles available in laminate flooring, such as the appearance of hardwood or stone.