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Fast 2K
Fast 2K is an award-winning innovation,
much faster and more convenient than
concrete for setting fence posts. Fast 2K
uses the same advanced technology used to
set utility poles for almost 15 years. Skip
the hassle and mess of mixing concrete.
Fast 2K mixes in just 30 seconds and sets
posts fast so you can begin building in 15
to 30 minutes. No water is required and
once cured Fast 2K is completely water
resistant, protecting the integrity of wood,
vinyl, and metal posts from the elements.
    Fast 2K is Easy!

No more handling heavy bags of concrete: one 2 lb bag replaces 2 x
50 lb bags of concrete
•No water required
•No messy concrete mixing
•One 2 lb bag sets a 4×4 post in a 8” by 3 ft deep hole
•No wide holes required.  For example, a 4×4 post can easily be set
with Fast 2K in a 6” hole rather than in an 8” or wider hole that
would typically be used with concrete. Narrower holes can cut
material costs in half as installers can easily double the number of
posts set with the same number of Fast 2K bags.
•Fast 2K can be kept and used outside in summer and winter, even
when temperatures are as low as  -20
°F or as high as 100°F –  just
keep the Fast 2K bag acclimatized at 72°F – 77°F for at least two
hours before using
•Warehouse space savings: 1 pallet of Fast 2K replaces over 20 pallets
of concrete bags
•Unlike concrete, there is no waste of material due to torn bags.

Same advanced technology used to set utility poles for almost 15
•Adheres to wood, vinyl and metals posts, as well as to the ground
better than concrete
•Bonds to itself, so users can always top up if necessary
•Waterproof: Fast 2K is hydrophobic or insensitive to water, so it
helps to protect the wood post against rotting. Whereas, concrete
continues to absorb water allowing the post to deteriorate much
faster. Rotting is the main reason why fences need to be replaced
every few years.
•Can be used during winter
Fast 2K is Fast!

Mixes in just 30 seconds
•Sets posts in as little as 5 minutes
•Fences can start to be built in 15-30 minutes
•No time wasted loading and unloading heavy concrete bags
•No time wasted forming, pouring, curing and cleaning up concrete
•Jobs can be completed without having to move crew and
equipment in and out of the job