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Did you know that giving your bathroom a Makeover can increase the value of your home?  Bath makeovers can be
done at different levels, whether you just want to update a few things or do a complete bathroom remodel.  At
Kennedy Enterprise, we have some great ideas for your bath makeover that will pay you back by adding value to your
home and increased comfort and satisfaction to your life.

If you are doing a master bath makeover, there are lots of ways to modernize it.  In modern master bathrooms, it is
popular to have double sinks, a garden or jetted tub, and nice floors.  Tile is a popular type of flooring, as it is very
durable.  You can also install an under-floor heating system underneath the tile to keep your toes warm on cold winter

Some other good ideas when doing a bath makeover are to update your fixtures, materials, and countertops.  Changing
out the lighting fixtures and faucets on the sink and tub will give your bathroom a fresh new look without spending a lot
of time and money.  Some other good ideas are to replace the shower head and cabinet hardware or even update the
cabinets entirely.  Granite countertops are popular in bathrooms and also very durable.

All of these bath makeover updates will increase the value of your home.  Visit the Kennedy Enterprise Gallery at 795
Oakridge Farm Highway (Hwy. 150), Mooresville, North Carolina if your are thinking of giving your bath a makeover.  
With all of our options, you will definitely find what you are looking for in your dream bathroom.

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